Project Freedom – What's freedom anyway?

This artwork has been completed!
The two information graphics "Freedom" and "Freiheit" as well as the German performance "Wunderzauber" and the English performance "Box of Secrets" are part of it. The information graphics and the German performance will be shown at the 4. Warmbronner Biennale 2017, an art event in my home town.

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Dates for the Warmbronner Biennale 2017 ->

Moving Poetry – poetry that moves

This was the very first project for which I created this website. It translates enunciation into movement: Instead of pitch and volume of a voice it uses speed and size of words, and it also adds new meaning by placing the words in specific positions. Look at the poem to see if it works for you or read more about the concept.

Moving poem ->
More about the concept ->


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